go get 'um tiger

     so, we had a lovely family weekend.  we went to see alice in wonderland (eh, not quit as good as i would have hoped.) and then out to dinner with some great friends. then we went back to their house to play a game.  my memory is awful so i can recall it’s name, but it was a cross between whisper down the lane and pictionary.  i am a horrible artist.  stick figures are the best i have to offer.  luckily for my self esteem everybody else was a fantastic artist.  even my kids could muster more than stick figures.  much fun was had at my expense…it’s ok i know i’m no good.  

    so jp made her drawing from her clue and passed it to me, with the suggestion to not over think (i can honestly say that that is not something that i have ever been accused of doing. i’m more of an under thinker myself).  so i look at her picture of three figures in dresses with bows in their hair, and i guess three girls.  i hand the booklet to my husband who will for ever be known as boobman365.  he looks at my guess which then becomes his clue and draws three pamela anderson like figures.  one even some how had a nipple on the outside of her shirt (his excuse was that he ran out of time…i’m pretty sure the lack of nipples would a have shed some precious seconds from his drawing.  but then again i can’t draw so maybe nipples do go on the outside). he passes it to our eleven year old who howls with laughter and threatens to either pee or throw up.  she makes her guess. of course based on her father’s illustration, she guesses boobs, not triplets as the original clue seemed to be. she passes is to ten year old o.p. who has her own fit of the giggles, because not only does she have to draw boobs, she has to then hand the booklet to her father.  he receives it and comes to the only conclusion he could, which is boobs.  he then passes it to my nine year old, who takes one look at it and says, “oh no!  i’m not drawing that. no way.  you can’t make me.”  where does a nine year old boy’s mind go when faced with the chance to draw boobs?  i can only speak for my boy.  he’s kinda brainy and pretty square. so, when we come to his big reveal….it’s a golf club.  rather than draw boobs, he drew a golf club.  really?  the kid doesn’t even play golf.  he took lessons one summer, but didn’t like it.  he thought it was boring and made him too sweaty.  the only sense i could make of it was that golf club for him, it what dead puppies is for millions of other men and boys.  a means by which to quell less than pure thoughts.  

so let’s just say may be tiger is on to something. 



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  1. judes

    LOVED this one !!

  2. EH Shuba

    thanks love

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