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  1. Scargosun

    OMG! I have almost no words! Don’t you hate when something like that happens? it is a small dig but one that sucks. Like wearing cool dark nail polish and you get a tiny chip… all you see is the chip. it sucks.

  2. jen

    i imagine that will be a story to stay with that 13 year old for a long time. i still remember seeing testicles when a boy had his legs up on the chair. i was about 12, and i think i threw up in my mouth a little. of course if i had had a hairless rat at the time, i would’ve just assumed that’s what i was seeing. 😉

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  4. dushie

    All I can say is that with all you have going on with your myriad of tattoos, your gigantic wonderful head of hair and cute button eyes I am shocked that anyone would notice a little hair peeking out.

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