happiness comes in a cup

oh mother’s day weekend how i love thee…let me count the ways.  as i’ve said before, i’m not one to celebrate hallmark holidays.  it’s too easy to commercialize our relationships as it is.  i don’t need someone to tell me that i need to treasure someone i love by giving them STUFF.  likewise, i don’t want stuff.  i relish the cards from my kids, but for me, mother’s day is about me checking out.  it’s the weekend where i allow myself to not be needed.  i let them fend for themselves.  i know the house will be a sty come monday morning, but for now it’s heaven.  it’s me and my various modes of technical communication and my bed….shh can you hear the angels sing?  

this morning, i had to take the goose to her art class.  on the way home i stopped into starbucks to get a coffee.  i’m not a fancy coffee drinker.  sometimes i forget that.  today they had these cups for sale that look like fancy coffee drink cups.  they’re insulated, with a straw, and a lid that screws on.  have i mentioned how easily tickled i am by little things?  i had to restrain myself from doing the pee pee dance as i waited in line for my venti black coffee and fancy coffee cup.  i have been giggling all afternoon when i fill it up.  in my head, i’m blanca from “Weeds”  sucking on my fancy coffee (mine’s ice water with a splash of cranberry juice).  yep, in my imagination, i am a doe eyed beauty.  sitting in bed as the world happens around me.  happily taking a time out.

it has been a perfect day and i am so very blessed,


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  1. Margaret

    Holy wow! I saw those at the in-the-grocery-store Starbucks today and _seriously_ contemplated one. It didn’t occur to me that I could drink LIQUOR in it. Fill that sucker up with a White Russian and NO ONE WILL BE THE WISER.

  2. EH Shuba

    i know! now i won’t get those side ways glances on field trips…i should probably clue you in that i am totally full of crap and don’t drink at my kids’ functions…just in case you had started dialing child protective services…but after bed time woopie!!!

  3. Holly B

    Ive been to Starbucks maybe twice. Both times I ordered plain old black coffee. Each time the Barista gave me a what the hell are YOU doing in here side eye.
    Give me Tim Hortons any day !

  4. Dushie

    I truly believe that if we were somehow mixed together we would in fact be Blanca

  5. EH Shuba

    i agree! but sadly we don’t have a tim hortons. it’s dunkin’s or starbucks and i’m far less tempted to eat my ass into epic proportions at starbucks.  thanks for stopping by

  6. EH Shuba

    oh my gosh! we would totally take over the planet as blanca

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