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     so, i have mentioned before that i have this funny 9 year old guy living in my house (see thejoyofbeingamonkeywrench.com/2010/03/07/go-get-um-tiger.aspx). whenever he speaks i think, that would be a great subject to write about.  instead i just thought i would share a couple of his most blog worthy quotes.  like most men, his mood can be totally made or broken by his level of hunger. that said i’m not worth a rip or anything close to “nice” if my blood sugar is low.  i guess that means he gets it from both sides.  poor guy.  the husband has run out of a restaurant, because we weren’t being seated fast enough, to procure a candy bar from the nearest corner store….more than once.  any way, we think he may grow up to be a food critic, because he loves to break things down into categories.  since he is ruled by his stomach, most of his diatribes revolve around what he is eating, what he has eaten, and what he’s hungry for.  recently, we ate at iron hill.  it’s pub food.  after the meal he says, “well, iron hill has maintained their streak.  i have never had a bad meal here.”  the kid’s 9 but somewhere inside is a retiree yearning to breathe free.  

    while i am writing this, he sought me out to inform me that barbie is really getting WAY too realistic.  they have a barbie that has a dog that pees and poops.  who would want that?  why would you want a toy that you have to clean up after?  

    he came into the room after showering recently. his hair was combed across his head in going to church fashion, circa 1950. he says, “mommy, i just really think my hair is more becoming when it’s smooth”.  ok, thanks for weighing in with the hair tip of the day.  

    my favorite thing about the kid is he notices things.  he is aware of the world around him.  he uses those observations to connect with people.  pretty cool huh?  

he must get that from his father. 



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  1. jen

    Wonder if Iron Hill has an early bird special for the 10 and under crowd… show your school ID and get a 15% discount.

  2. EH Shuba

    oh he would love that…he’s all about saving a buck

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