he's kinda famous

     so, i’ve mentioned that my parents don’t read this.  my dad always says, when i laugh at him, i’m sure this is going to make the blog.  i tell him it will for sure.  the part i never thought through is that my sibs will dime me out at the drop of a hat.  it’s the family way.  example: parent asks; how did that dent happen on my car? sib answers; e is totally sneaking out of the house at night. OR who are you dating now? e’s writing about you and your poor texting skills ( did you get my message? not so much ) and and how you are trying to kill us with old food (a friday afternoon rant ).  the result of this tattle-taleing is that my father has purchased texting for dummies and made promises to audit the fridge (i hear men love to do that).  so i’m helping him help himself.  

    today i may have had a facebook status that referenced the fact that i may have forgotten the 2 cooked hotdogs in buns that my father made me take home from the recent lunch (a friday afternoon rant ).  well, it seems, that i had forgotten said hotdogs in the back of my car.  so i get a very legible text from my father asking how the dogs were. i, being the cheeky she-devil that i am, text back that my dogs were very tired from the running around in their yard on the hot day.  he makes it clear that he is refering to the dogs in buns that were left in my car for 2 days (um yuck).  i think my response went something like have you been talking to your kids….lil bastids.  this prompted a phone call. i guess they don’t teach conversational texting in dummies.  just the cut to the chase stuff.  

    so here it is bird and buddy, i’m throwing down the gauntlet.  you can dime me out all you want.  just know that you better not be sweet, funny, witty, or endearing ever again cause it’s on.  i’d drop the same empty threat to brew, but we all know he is anti social networking and blog reading.  i’m far too fluffy for his sensablilites.  of course no one’s safe here. throwing people under the bus is my business and business is good.  

love and road rash, e

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  1. Julie Frey

    You needed to set the rules up front Beth. When I gave my sisters my blog address it was with explicit instructions not to pass any information contained in said blog to Mama Frey. They know they will be immediately cut off and retribution severe. Maybe they should give your two youngest siblings some pointers!

  2. EH Shuba

    hmm, i will have to lay down the law. although i’d rather them not know what the rules are and then burn them for breaking ones they didn’t know existed.  i blog cause i love.

  3. Phil

    Is it too late to say I’m sorry…Sorry [hand behind back with fingers crossed].

  4. EH Shuba

    never! wait i get the sense that you are being disengenuous…..just how i like ya!

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