i don't call you son cause you shine…i call you son cause you mine

     so, tonight at dinner we were reminiscing, my family and i.  we were talking about things that they did when they were babies.  one of the kids’ favorite subjects.  we got to talking about the fact that the boy was not a happy camper for the first 2 months of his life.  he’s heard the story before.  in all the video from that time, if he wasn’t in frame screaming you could hear him in the background.  

    there is a version of this story that we have told our adult friends.  having to do with being severely sleep deprived and not being able to soothe this screaming infant.  we may have used the phrase “so frustrated i needed to tag out before i put him through the wall”.  any way at dinner the husband starts telling the adult version of this story to the kids.  i sat watching my poor boy’s big eyes get bigger and bigger.  if my legs weren’t so stubby i would have been trying to kick the husband under the table.  finally the tears start to roll down the boy’s face.  poor little monkey is a sensitive one.  husband is a sensitive one too.  you think he would have known, or been aware that he was formulating a therapy moment for his kid right there at the dinner table.  no not my guy.  he did say “yeah my bad” and “hindsight is 20/20”.  that’s about as good as it gets in my house.  those 2 phrases and the belief that everything can be fixed with wood and magnets.  i’m surprised he didn’t try to levitate the kids from a girder truss with and industrial size magnet.  course the boy would have thought that was cool.  

    that’s the difference between boys and girls, at least in my house.  the old, “hey there goes an elephant” trick works to distract my boy from what ever wrong doing i have committed.  the girl is still mad about stuff i did when she was 4.  and brings it up. when ever she can work it into the conversation.  

    i am wild about both of my kids.  but there is something about the relationship between a mother and her boy.  he could charm the socks off my bare feet.  i love the way he makes sure i am aware of how perfect he is being when his sister is in the dog house.  i love how when he is getting to the great part of a story his eyes (which are gynormous anyway) get even bigger and he starts to stammer because his brain is working faster than his mouth can.  he is a helper.  it’s his nature.  he’s a lover, at least of me.  and he’s funny….really funny….some of the time it’s even on purpose.

    man, who ever gets him as a partner is really lucky.  i should know he’s just like his dad. 


2 responses to “i don't call you son cause you shine…i call you son cause you mine”

  1. GlowingDevilEyes

    Woah. All this sentiment has become quite the source of misty eyes. Your children are ever so lucky to have you for a Mom.

    The wood and magnet left me perplexed and smiling.


  2. EH Shuba

    oh devil eyes! you are such a good good egg.  you could make some wicked stuff with wood and magnets for sure.

    big loves!

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