i should have gone to French camp

You may have heard, we have an exchange student.  I know, I’m as surprised as anyone that that was possible. That the hospital let me take two babies home is strange enough, but someone else’s? For two weeks?  I sent his parents our Christmas picture so they knew full well what they were getting into. Also so if (when) things went sideways they could send Interpol a most recent capturing of my mug.

last night after dinner we made floats.  He looked at me strangely when I brought him a glass of ice cream. Then stooped over to read the Barq’s can.  “Put this in?” He questioned. “No sank you”. When he finished his ice cream I asked if he wanted the root beer just to drink.  He declined. It only occurred to me this morning as I type this that he may have only uunderstood BEER. The poor kid probably thought I was trying to get him drunk which was only furthered by my sitting down to the table after serving the floats with a glass of rose.

here’s hoping that didn’t make it in the daily email back home to his parents.

oy vey.



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  • i should have gone to French camp

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  1. Cindi

    Too funny! Made my day

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