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  1. Brew

    I was thinking about this from the start. What if we have a tourney in her honor (1st Annual Memorial …), with the proceeds going to her children’s college funds (which we may need to start). Mom always said give a busy (wo)man a job.

    Love You

  2. laura

    Oh, Shuba, this was a tragedy. Just like Kate and Emily, there is no explanation. We struggle to understand. There will come a time when you will enjoy thinking about those times with Catherine. Hopefully, that has started. I know she has a special place in your heart and you are better for knowing her.

    I know you feel you need to learn to wait. I am sure there is more to that than I am aware. But, one of my favorite qualities you have is your intuitiveness. Sometimes, people need to be pushed. I love you!


  3. Lisa RW

    So, Sunday night a woman told me God needed her now and there was a reason. I’m sorry, but that is just not my language. Actually, her kids need her more than God. Is there a reason? Here’s what I think we should say…
    This stinks. It’s so sad because there is no reason. But now that we find ourselves here in this place, and find ourselves still in this land of the living, what can we learn from this? How can we grow? Perhaps that is what they mean when they say there is a reason – that we can bring some reason. Did I argue with this person? No. I don’t know her well enough. I made myself stretch enough to know that she was trying to say the right thing and trying to show care. And maybe that’s what she truly believes. It is a growing edge for me to accept the beliefs of others that I just don’t understand. Maybe what I believe makes some others just as uncomfortable. Life is messy. Hopefully we can turn to the light in the messiness and find some reason.

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