ice holes aren't just for eskimos

so , i know i’ve spoke before about how i am a non-swearer. i gave it up when i was pregnant with the goose, cause i needed to.  oh, but how i miss it.  i have found myself lately singing along to songs with cuss words in them to get some release.  i find myself longing for those words.  honestly, i love words and the naughty ones are some of my favorites.  i miss them.  i long for them to spice things up.  not unlike the crotchless underpants that one (certainly no me. gross!) pull out for special occasions.  i think i needed to stop using those lovely words to find their value again. absence truly does make the heart grow fonder, and i have a hankering for the f-bomb like chocolate on day 18.

then facebook came up up with a fan page, intelligent, classy, well-educated women who say “F*ck” a lot, as if to taunt me.  that used to me. it could easily be again.  just when i was thinking sod it, i’m fanning that group and i’m changing my ways, i had this conversation with the bug.

bug: there are boys who say bad words on the bus. 
me: really? the big one?
bug: oh yeah the biggest of bad words.
me: you mean the one that starts with “f”?
bug: yep
me: and rhymes with truck?
bug: nope
me:hmmmm. you can whisper in my ear what it is they say, just this once.
bug: freaking
me: oh yeah that one is a doozy. you make sure you never say that.
yeah i don’t need no stinking cuss words, you farking icehole,

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  1. Ellen Finger

    One time a first grader at school came to me and said, “So-and-so said the ‘B’ word!!”
    Me: “Oh yeah? (trying to figure out which bad word this could be…) Well, what’s the ‘B’ word?”
    Kid: “I can’t say the ‘B’ word!”
    Me: “Well, you can just this once. I need to know what the ‘B’ word is.”
    Kid: “No!”
    Me: “Come here really close and tell me quietly. It’s okay.”
    Kid: Walks over and stares.
    Me: “What’s the ‘B’ word?”
    Kid: “ASSHOLE!!”


  2. Jill D

    those darn rohrerstown kids. dirty words on the bus, it happens. on our bus we have one who told my daughter he was going to f**k her a**. yeah, had to call the school on that one. somehow I got away with not explaing what it means, literally or figuratively.

  3. EH Shuba

    love it!

  4. EH Shuba

    holy crow, a)because kid kinda used it correctly b)you got out of defining it. i’d still be working on that one

  5. BigMamaCass

    HAAAAAAA I envy you. As you may have read my 2 year old dropped the F bomb last week. That was awesome. :(

  6. EH Shuba

    i did read . if cussing was a sport i was a gold medalist, and i miss it ….a lot!

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