26 responses to “if you love something….magpie tale 24”

  1. Teresa

    At first I was thinking trophy wife, but I have met parents who are so involved in their children’s lives that it is smothering. Nicely done.
    Teresa recently posted..Champions

  2. brigid

    Enjoyed this, wasnt expecting the last line, great twist.

  3. Caty

    the ending was quite a surprise. what a great love a mother’s love is suppose to be…nice write!
    Caty recently posted..5 Hundred 25 thousand 6 hundred minutes

  4. Kristen Haskell

    Boy did that last line get me. I was thinking she was a little co-dependent but never thought she was a mother! Good job nice little twist
    Kristen Haskell recently posted..What I am Thankful For

  5. Kathe W.

    oh yes- being a mother of three- I so identify with your poem. So very very true.
    Kathe W. recently posted..Magpie Tales 42-On the Edge

  6. gautami tripathy

    So true. So very true…

    shifting with the winds
    gautami tripathy recently posted..marked

  7. Helen

    Surprise ending for sure …. if you love something, ultimately you must let it go!

  8. Friko

    Unexpected last line.
    There are mothers like this poem, they must be hell to cope with.
    Friko recently posted..Best In Show

  9. Mary

    Wow – last line packs a wallop! Great!
    Mary recently posted..Mag 42 – The Victor

  10. Jingle

    I like your tale.
    very cute flow…

  11. Rene Foran

    a mother’s love…well done :)
    Rene Foran recently posted..November Lace

  12. Tumblewords

    Delightful poem with a sudden twist that circles well. Enjoyed it!

  13. Reflections

    I too was forming a picture of a trophy wife, until the last line. Smothered by motherly love, must be a difficult way to live.
    Reflections recently posted..Cup Runs Over

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