i'm a ripper

     so, i never realized until today how difficult it is to take a bath in secret.  

    see, i box on fridays.  it’s just a group of four woman who may or may not be extremely competitive.  which is great because we all push each other.  our instructor knows this about us and combined with the fact that we missed the prior week because of the snow storm that wasn’t, gave said instructor the FIRE.  we were moving for the whole hour.  i had run three miles before boxing.  and as i’ve said before, some women smell fruity when the are in there post workout glow.  i sweat and i stink….like onions…or the funk.  

    i was also feeling pretty sore so i thought that a bath would be perfect.  the problem was, i had a teleconference at noon and had only gotten home at 11:45.  so, i thought, no problem.  i’ll fill the bath tub, ease myself in and make the call.  problem number one, i was leading the meeting and couldn’t mute myself.  that was ok.  nobody seemed to notice that my “office” was a bit echoie.  i figured if i moved really slowly no one could hear the water sloshing around the tub.  all was going fairly well, until some one asked for some information that was on my laptop…which was on my desk…in another room.  so, in i need to make a decision in a split second.  should i step out of the tub slowly or jump out (like the two school of thought in band aid removal)  

i jumped……….i am punishing myself by writing 100 times i am a professional.  


4 responses to “i'm a ripper”

  1. Irma La dushie

    That makes me feel sooooo much better about being in bed under the covers during some of my telephone meetings. Whipping back the covers can’t possibly make as much noise as jumping out of the tub. You are a scream.

  2. EH Shuba

    you are better…which is really good.

  3. ARPS

    Hmm extremely competitive not sure, o.k. maybe a little! Sorry to say I smell worse than you competitive thing coming into play! Can’t move my neck to the right…. so sore!!!! ROTFL about the bath conference call! You go girl!

  4. EH Shuba

    spose i can only speak for myself


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