isn't she lovely? that's what they tell me anyway

     so, i think i’ve mentioned before that i share my home with an 11 year old drama queen, i mean girl.  we haven’t had a dinner in at least 5 years where she hasn’t wished someone dead or made us want to poke our eyes out.  our poor boy can’t join in in any conversation with out being housed by her. conversely, the boy can’t tell a story with out her correcting him, even if his life depended on it.  my poor husband who is kind (unlike myself) has had enough of these meals.  every week or so he loses his cool.  incase you are wondering what that looks like, i’ll tell you. first his face gets red.  then he tells her, that’s enough.  then he leaves the table and takes something to the recycling bin in the garage.  i know, scary!  

     anyway, she’s rehearsing for the variety show at school right now in addition to an opera. some how this has given her the impression that she is a diva.  a star, that we are all to bow to.  so in typical e fashion, tonight at dinner, in the midst of a diva break down, we broke into song ( as you can probably imagine this was met with a rousingly positive response.  let me paint the picture….the song of choice was fame (of course!  what else would it be). when i sing to drowned out the diva, i like to sing REALLY loud.  i am lucky enough to always have a back up singer in my husband. so just picture the girl wishing she was dead (for a change).  me and the hubs screaming remember… remember… remember… at the top of our lungs.  the boy sitting in his seat smiling from ear to ear. so terribly happy that he is not the one being serenaded. 

    ah, parenting, it’s so entertaining.  you know they said it was going to be a challenge, i really feel like the world can be healed by a song.  i mean think we are the world for crying out loud…..



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