4 responses to “Is this spot taken?”

  1. Jessica Vieland

    well said – now to convince all those idiots who write letters to the editor about how teachers should make $8/hr. Cause my husband left at 6:30 am and won’t be back until at least the same time in the p.m. – but, of course, he’s overpaid.

  2. JenBallz

    I just had a conversation about the very same thing the other day at work. We raised our teacher discount from 10 to 15 percent and I was talking to a teacher about how much I personally appreciate everything they do. People have no idea how much of their own money teachers spend on our kids – especially elementary teachers. I hate how people write letters about teachers deserving less – they deserve more. I for one, could NEVER handle it.
    I hope I’m one of the 2%.

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