6 responses to “It’s not you, it’s them”

  1. Abby

    Great message E.

  2. Lora

    I am in tears as I read this. Emma has struggled with this since middle school started. She is genuine, one of a kind, and a bright shining star in a sea of everyone being the same. She has never apologized for it, but been lonely a lot. Particularly last year in 8 th grade she had some very very close friends ( she only has a few) just ditch her for other people. She is very loyal so she couldn’t wrap her head around why people would do that. Ninth grade seems much the same, but like you, we have many pep talks. I do see light knowing that even now she gets along and prefers to be around adults. That tells me, she is a little more mature and mot importantly comfortable with herself most times. Thanks for your insights, she just loves you Beth and I am going to post today’s on her fb wall.

  3. Laura

    I remember those 8th grades years. You were right everyone was trying to figure out where they fit. Do you think everyone felt the same? Is there reassurance in that? I remember certain people that you thought you wanted to be like but knew they weren’t that great of people. What a tough age. Way to empower your girl! She is courageous. I just remember doing the Hoe down with you:)

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