it's ok i come with instructions

     so, inside i am a 12 year old boy.  i can keep this pretty well under wraps for most of the day.  i can not be held responsible after 8:00 pm.  all restraint has worn thin and you get what you get. i’m pretty forthcoming about this fact.  i can only pretend to be something i’m not for so long (parenting complicates this issue severely).  

    last night i was to a meeting for cub scouts (no that’s not the funny part).  i was doing pretty well maintaining focus.  i was only checking email to recenter myself.  i didn’t take one single turn of scrabble (that’s major).  then our cub master (see, i’m feeling giggly even as i type master) starts going over the details of a camping trip we will be taking at (drum roll please) Tuckahoe.  i feel my lips curl and my resolve weaken.  i look at my watch and it’s 8:10 pm.  i start to lose it for a minute, then regain semi-control by doing the fake cough thing.  in order to direct myself back to task, i ask a question.  “would the boys need to wear there uniforms?”  answer “yes, but they should remove their dangles. we don’t want them to lose their dangles.” really?!!!! dangles?!!!! are you serious? person about to erupt here.  it was at that moment that i asked my ride, “K-dog are you ready to split?” she says, “K-dog? really? hmmm, nobody has ever called me that (subscript:and lived)”  i say, “ok, how about K-kitty?” she just shook her head and shuffled me to the door.  

i wonder if there is a support group for this? 



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  1. Laura

    It’s ok…I understand. Its tough being you. :)

  2. EH Shuba

    it’s a hard knock life 

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