it’s what’s for dinner

so, often we hear the phrase, “it needs a woman’s touch.”  it got me thinking.  where do we (women) learn this, or is it innate? i do know that i think about the sense of touch all the time.  sometimes touch can speak volumes. this morning  while i was giving my dog a treat i noticed how softly his lips (if they even really are lips) took the treat form my fingers. like a little kiss.  this got me going through my favorites.  a warm blanket fresh out of the drier on a winter afternoon.  a cuddle (that’s JUST a cuddle) from my man.  hugs from my babies (even though i’m not supposed to squeeze their bums anymore).  my bed, oh how i do love thee, any time any day.  reading in the sun.

i think all of these sensations teach a woman what she needs to know to offer comfort.  right now i have a dear friend who is going through the process of the loss of a loved one.  i feel at a loss. i want to make sure that she can be refueled.  that she feels there is a place in the day that she can be the taker. just a fraction of the day where she can sit and be mindless.  maybe, have the meal be an opportunity to smile with her family.  i do this for her.  i do it for me too.  i have a burning need to fix it. to make it better.  to temper this helplessness. to make balance, because i am so desperately relieved that it’s not me.  that i’m not having to prepare my children for this loss. that when i lay my head on my pillow i am thinking about who i have to get where the next day….not wishing it were all a bad dream.  i cook for balance.  i cook to show the gods that i am good.  pass me over. i don’t wish ill on anyone.  but, when the ax next falls let it fall far away from the ones that i know and love.

i cook to touch my friend in her darkness…but i cook for insurance too.

chicken, it’s what’s for dinner.

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  1. Tina

    E…I loved this!! Because I, too, love to cook!! (but the loss thing is extremely close to home for me-you see, I lost a baby, a little girl, and I was on the receiving end of the cooking. People cooked for me, and it gave me great great ‘Angel’ chicken pie, macaroni and cheese, salad with buttermilk ranch dressing…all comfort food…these moments meant more to me than the people who cooked for me will ever know.
    You are doing a very very good thing. I promise.
    Thank you for your stories…love, Tina Futty

  2. EH Shuba

    oh tina! so brave! thank you for sharing your story.

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