jamacia me crazy

    so, my husband thinks i’m crazy.  i am willing to concede that in most instances, he is correct.  still, it burns my britches when i feel i have a legitimate gripe and know he’s just repeating the mantra “girl you so crazy!” over and over again instead of listening whilst i rip him a new one.  it’s my job.  he should have read the fine print.

     after telling him how cute he is and how much i love him (blah blah blah. again also my job) i tell him i will be blogging about this “discussion”  to which he says. “fine, let the people decide”. a) i didn’t want to correct him that there is only the one person who reads this silliness and it’s me while i’m proof reading it.  and, the people i pay don’t count.   b)he seems to not realize that i will be the one telling this story, so the slant will so totally be in my favor.  again let the man get his own blog.

     ok, here it is.  we have made some additions to our home.  this combined with the fact that we heat our home with fire wood in the winter (i think that’s green of us, but who knows anymore), means that some places aren’t as warm as others.  case in point is my closet.  it’s the walk in variety.  i have a space heater in there because (cover your eyes if you embarrass easily)i dress in there as well.  i was going to take a shower this morning.  i turned on the heater and closed the door.  then went down to feed the menagerie and the children.  i went up stairs to get undressed and “the man” had turned the heater off.  in the scheme of things it’s not that big of a deal.  in my trite bon bon eating life, this is cause for a head explosion.  now i have to hang around plucking my eyebrows and searching for pimples, while the room heats up.  you see! you get it don’t you?  ok let’s just have a refresher, my husband is the auditor.  he goes into rooms and changes the lighting, or the fan setting.  his response was i didn’t know why it was on (um, probably to heat the space.  it’s kinda in the name), and i didn’t want it to be left on all day.  those things use a lot of electricity.  ok, so now not only am i unable to see and hear that the heater is on if i didn’t want it to be, but has i noticed it was on, i would have just let in run the bill up.  

    yeah alright so maybe it’s just another example of how i don’t like to be told what to do.  i’m pretty sure i can handle the heater though.  i did go to college.  i never took the managing plug in appliances course, but i’m sure i would have aced it.

    but in all honesty, he isn’t the boss of me.  i think he just thinks he is.  did i say he’s cute?  sigh! more to myself than anyone else…


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  1. Dave L

    You overthink more than me, and THAT’S saying something. Chalk one vote up for Husband, and relish in the fact that you apparantly just doubled your readership. Heh Heh. Have a great day

  2. EH Shuba

    aw nuts!  the results of this survey may be changed to protect the needy….

  3. HowEZ

    Where to begin….I have to vote for the hubby in that he is keeping to his norm by doing what seems to be built in to his $ saving convictions.
    On the other hand if you take the cost of frustrations and put it towards a timer that might solve your dilema(sp?) and keep the hub happy. Wait….does frustartions cost $? dunno just felt like saying it that way.

  4. EH Shuba

    hmmm, i’m gonna go with yes my frustration costs.  that’s my story and i’m sticking to it

  5. Jill D

    Ah, this is a tricky one. I have a husband who likes to do the same. And we are women who like things done right the first time, we simply don’t have the time to do them twice (especially whilst obsessively multi-tasking). Unfortunately, if you nail them on every atmosphere-adjustment, you will find yourself with no less than five chronic situations around your house in which you ask, “why didn’t you…” and the answer will be, “because I didn’t know if you were done with it, or, I didn’t know how you wanted it done.” It ain’t pretty. That said, they usually assume we are obsessively multi-tasking elsewhere and will forget, but I can certainly relate to interpretting it as being told what to do (or not to do).

    Draw. But he should have asked.

  6. EH Shuba

    ah my beautiful irish rose, your predictions have already come true. it’s all questions all the time.  followed by, you know because i wouldn’t want to micromanage you……it’s my cross to bear i suppose

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