let me entertain me

    so, some folks are people persons.  i’m a people watcher.  i am at my happiest watching, just sitting, watching people walk past and inventing their life’s story.  if you add some one else observing with me…heaven.  recently i was having dinner with a group of friends and i was tickled to find that our table was right next to the womans bathroom.  i made sure to position myself so i wouldn’t miss a thing.  then let the parade of “ladies” begin.  oh to watch as these people walked past and slowly but surely declined in their ability to flutter past due to imbibing.  there was the woman with man hands…who may have actually been a man. the woman who looked like she should be cruising the loop in 1988.  the girl who looked like she fell out of bed the first time i saw her use the facilities and hit by a truck the last. 

     well of course this restaurant just happens to have my favorite hard cider on draft.  oh my oh my! i can drink me some cider.  the down side of which is that i may tend to raise the volume of my voice as the ciders slip down my throat.  so beside me, my extremely level headed husband is gently reminding me that i am going to get my loud mouth handed to me by some of the bathroom traffic if i don’t watch myself.  hmmmm, sounds like a dare to me.  i mean as long as i’m entertaining me and maybe the other people at the table, i’ll take one for the team.
and so it goes and so it goes and so it goes…where it stops no one knows.

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  1. Dushie

    Next time, take a little stack of towels, some mints and a tip jar.

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