let them be named

     so, my dushie and i were chatting recently.  that’s not the news.  see, we are both relatively new bloggers. we have been going back and forth about the topic of kids.  we both feel that it is enough of a burden in their lives that we are their mothers (poor dears) without the world (my 6 readers) knowing all of their deep dark secrets.  at first we thought it was just enough to refer to them by their age.  i got tired of that real fast. so, the kids in my blog (and life, again poor things) will forever be known as the goose (11 year old girl) and the bug (9 year old boy).  i figure as their mother it is my job to escort them, by the whiles of my stellar parenting ways, to therapy.  i guess the least i can do is allow that to happen with some anonymity.  

it’s my gift. 


breaking ’em down one life at a time,


4 responses to “let them be named”

  1. dushie

    the bug and the goose are actually very lucky to have a mom like you. I am planning a post called ode to dushie in the next few weeks. It will be all about you my dearest.

  2. EH Shuba

    oh you sweet sweet friend.  now quite it or i’ll start shouting out sad song titles to get the water works going. xxx

  3. Dushie

    or you could just show me a picture of a puppy with his eyeball missing. That would do it to.

  4. EH Shuba

    hmm thanks to your comment on fb i got to see it too…bleh

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