life is just a fantasy…i can’t live the fantasy life.

sorry for being an absentee blogger.  i’m on vacation with 6 families and have been busy and working really hard.  before the trip i was met with decrees of needing to train to get to my fighting tolerance in drinking…no problem.  i can competitively drink with the best of them.  what i should have trained for was the eating of delicious yet horrible hurtful food, lack of sleep, and lots of yelling to get my voice ready for the cup.  if you aren’t following the world cup, you may not know that the u.s. played a game on wednesday.  it was epic and i wasn’t ready.  the drinking started at 10am, it was an emotional game, with not much going in the favor of the u.s. who needed to win the game to stay in.  then in stoppage time…they scored…..i was in a home theater room, surrounded by people passionate about the game, drinking spiked coffee while eating doritos.  this is not an easy life to sustain.  what ever happens, you don’t want to be the guy who can’t hang and has to go to bed.  so here i sit, foggy as all get out, doing my damnedest to hang and be a part of the show.  FAIL!  i suck.  i’m an old hag!  when is this going to end, so i can check my self into betty ford? not for the alcohol thing, but so i can finally sleep.  i miss my bed.  i want desperately to hit my crisp sheets and sleep for DAYS!  i long for the wagon! not only am i going to get on it, i’m gonna ride it all the way to sleep induced bliss.  i have definitively learned that i could never make it on survivor…i guess that’s my silver lining.

it could be worse….i could have turned forty while here.  oh wait, that’s stubby hubs hunk.  happy birthday my love…you are the best thing about this trip.



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  1. Ellen Finger

    Good thing you decided to drink during the soccer game and not during the epic Wimbledon match!!

  2. Annie

    Missed you! We’ll wave as we pass you on the road tomorrow.

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