lines are for waiting

     so, i am not a fan of complaining.  the irony of this comment is not lost on me, but bear with me.  this past weekend (the first filled with sunshine since october) i take the goose to the greenhouse to pick some colors to plant in the garden.  we are in line about five minutes when a 60 something year old woman cues behind us.  she starts huffing.  then moves to talking under her breath about how ridiculous it is that they don’t have more cashiers.  next, she yells out to an employee walking past if they can’t get more people running registers (she is informed they have more cashiers inside).  then going off to the air that she knows the manager, blah,blah, blah.  this all has gone down in five minutes.  she has pitched a fit with out really even waiting.  i’m of the mind that there are rules in life.  different situations call for certain responses.  did i want to wait in line anymore that she did?  NO!  but i was.  and while i was, i didn’t want to be listening to the woman behind me complaining.  SO… turned around and said, 

me “hey, it’s sunday, how about finding a little church.”  

lady “it’s ridiculous that they only have one person out here. 

me ” we are all waiting.  how about showing some patience…it’s a virtue don’t you know.” 

old lady “i don’t have to let people bother me?” 

me “so stop complaining.” 

old bat (here’s where it gets good.  she suddenly gets all first grade on me) “i don’t have to. we shouldn’t have to wait like this on this sunny day.” 

me “so you should have stayed home.”  

when did it happen that we live in an instantaneous life?  i would have expected a temper tantrum from some one younger.  where did this woman have to go that was so important?  i’m gob smacked by people who think that their agenda is so much more important than anyone elses.  

truth of the matter is they should have had more people working….this wasn’t even the point.  

let’s see the point is….people…not so much…not a fan of most of them.  present company excluded,


6 responses to “lines are for waiting”

  1. Annie

    One of the many reasons I love you…you say all the things I am thinking.

  2. EH Shuba

    oh sweet friend. love you back. can’t wait to see your face

  3. Jen B

    No, you did NOT tell her to find a little church. Did you? I so want to go shopping with you.

  4. EH Shuba

    oh but i did. i know it’s absurd isn’t it?  me in all my…meness telling little old lttle high horse to get some church

  5. BigMamaCass

    LOL So true. Good for you for speaking up!

  6. EH Shuba

    thanks bigmamacass.  it’s the disease of lack of filter

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