look ma no fingers

when we were kids my brother, brew, didn’t like loud noises.  we would go to a fireworks show and invariably my mother would run away holding him as he wailed so they could watch them from the car.  when he got old enough to talk about it he would say, “i have sensitive ears.”  this could easily be said for him as a person.  he’s a sensitive guy.

when the bug was born, the first thing i said when i looked at his beautiful face was,”he looks just like brew.”  not a bad thing, but if you think about the logistics of this first glance…it was a little disconcerting.  the weirder thing is the bug has super sensitive ears too.  we have left ball games early due to the threat of fireworks.  he has watched many a fire work show from behind the safety of glass.  2 years ago he watched them with ear plugs.  last year he watched them naked.  well his ears were naked anyway.  this, was a watershed moment.  for, as much as the brew couldn’t take loud noises, i welcomed them.  that thump you feel in your chest from the percussion, be it music or fire works.  bring it on!

when i became a grown-up (some of you are probably thinking that hasn’t happened yet) and was allowed to light fireworks i found a new love.  in my next life i’m going to be a pyrotechnic.

every year my family gathers at my parents to watch the firework display that the country club puts on behind their house.  it’s like our own private show.  i’m the fluffer.  i get those tent fire works and let’em rip until the real show starts.  in my car right now i have a crazy amount of the stuff and i’m itching to blow stuff up.

happy fourth to you all.  don’t loose a finger.

we’ll miss you buddy!



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  1. Holly B

    My daughter is 17 and still hates the noise of the fireworks. She likes the show, not the noise. When we lived in Florida we had residents passes to Disney World. We got really good at ducking into any available open door, etc when the fireworks started.

  2. dushie

    You crazy dushie. When I see you next week you better have all 10 fingers.

  3. Ellen Finger

    If you lose any fingers, keep in mind that you still have US!!! (Get it? Get it? Huh? Huh?)

  4. Judes

    My daughter was very pregnant with her son Charlie on Guy Fawkes night 17 years ago ( Guy Fawkes is an English tradition huge on bonfires and fireworks ) She took her eldest 2 children to the local firework display and promptly went into labour, Charlie, to this day hates loud noises !! Very weird !!

  5. laura

    i am with brew. i have to wear my earplugs in the pool. On Tue, I spent the whole day at a water park with hundreds of other people in quiet. LOVED IT!! FIRE, FIRE, FIRE! PYRO!

  6. Dirk Diggler

    “I’m the fluffer”……….. am I missing something??? Hmmmmm which were your favorites…… the “big” rockets??

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