lumpy sniffer

i like to sniff.  i like the way things smell.  it’s not enough to have my house not smell bad.  i constantly strive to have it smelling yummy.  i’m partial to spicy rather than sweet smells.  i wasn’t a thumb sucker as a baby.  i sniffed my blankie.  later i sniffed my pillow.  i have had the same pillow for 30 years.  i don’t do much sniffing anymore.  mostly, i just like to sleep with the pillow on my face.   stubby hubs hunk doesn’t care about what pillows he sleeps with.  how he can not care is beyond me.  i have 3 pillows.  each has a very specific job.  one goes under my head, one is for cuddling, and one goes over my face.  the later two are my lumpys.  the lumpiest of the two is the one that is the oldest.  i have washed it so many times that the polyfil inside has lumped and disintegrated to the point where it no longer envelopes my face the way i like.  so today is the end of another chapter.  i threw my beloved lumpy away.  ok, that’s a lie.  i took it off of the bed and it’s over there leaning against the wall.  looking all forlorn…and kinda pathetic…and very very…grey.

oh, and while at camp my girl stepped into the next role.  that of young woman.  yep, she went to camp and came back to me a changed person.  i hoped she would learn something about herself.  i didn’t, in my wildest imagination, think she would be taking one more step away from me.

so i guess i’m ok throwing away my lumpy.

um, hold on this ride might get a bit bumpy…er…bumpier,


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