ma familia

growing up in a big family means we always had someone.  someone to run and get our mother when bullies had run our sled up the biggest tree at the best sledding hill in town.  someone else’s experience to draw from when life throws you something you can’t quite work out on your own.  someone to call you out when you aren’t in the right…or defend you when you are.

growing up in a big family, you have to learn to wait your turn, share, and offer the last donut when you really want it for yourself.

growing up in a big family was our first opportunity to belong to something.  to be a piece of a larger whole.  to walk through life knowing that other people share your experiences and memories.  it teaches us what being a partner looks and feels like.

growing up in a big family, i learned how to crave my own space.  i learned how important having down time can be.  i learned how to love and cherish being alone and how that differs from being lonely.

growing up in a big family was where i got my first taste of being loved, honored, disrespected, healed, taken, given, and relished.  it’s where i learned that being in a relationship is not a passive experience.  you do things for a loved one, sometimes, because you should, not always because you want to.  i can love stubby hubs hunk, the way he deserves to be loved because of brew, bird, buddy, M, and D.  i owe the ability to love myself to them too.

thanks to you all,


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  1. Holly B

    I came from a family of just me and my parents. There were times people like my cousin stayed with us and when I was little and until she passed, my grandmother lived with us. These were best times that I remember.

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