20 responses to “where’er you may go:magpie tales #38”

  1. Judes

    done it again E, touched my soul xx

  2. dushie

    That was really beautiful Dushie.
    dushie recently posted..La La Land and a little Sidney Poitier on the side.

  3. Gabriela Abalo

    very touching! nice writing

    thanks for stopping by my place

    cheers :)

  4. Kathe W.

    Born with angel wings already in place. Lovely sad piece…
    Kathe W. recently posted..Magpie 38-Unknown Mothers

  5. Lena

    Oh my, ……I was choked reading this. You captured baby loss with a mixture of heart-felt words. So touching.
    Lena recently posted..Linger

  6. brian

    i guess we will know when we get there…and hopefully we will see them again…nice magpie…touching…
    brian recently posted..one shot: i wood butt

  7. Rene Foran

    so sad, E…with the tiniest flicker of hope
    Rene Foran recently posted..dont tread on me

  8. Amanda

    You did quite well with this… I am very glad I never went through this with my children no parent should ever have to bury a child.
    Amanda recently posted..Writers Island- Masquerade

  9. annie

    I cannot imagine a worse anguish that the loss of a beloved life just as it breathes new life.

  10. Lydia

    This had such a sweetness to it that I was both calmed and charmed.
    Lydia recently posted..All Hallows Eve

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