mean streets

     oh so new york, you are a tough town.  with the dry hospital air that you pipe into your every hotel room.  which dries my skin and throat past the point where they can be rehydrated.  thus, rendering me a snoring prune.  to sleep in beds so far off the ground that i need to take a running leap.  that when my lap top falls off with a thud it continues, days later, to still make enough noise when it reboots that it could give time square a run for its money.  you with your roaring wind, forcing me to wear a cap in which i do not look the slightest bit cute.  you with your pub a plenty forcing on me your many, many pints in front of a man who choses to keep one hand down the back of his pants, thus stealing focus from the soccer game i was intending to watch.  yes you, the mean streets of new york city, with your 3 out of 5 people dressed in north face apparel ( i find that distracting).  and your tear jerking professional musicals, where i get the rub down from the person in the seat to my right.  your restaurants with the girls in short short skirts and high heeled shoes they are not able to walk in.  your delis with unspeakably large sandwiches and gag causing menu items (scrambled eggs and wieners).  

you are a tough town.  you leave a permanent mark…..see you in april. 



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  1. Annie

    Thanks my dear!

  2. EH Shuba

    well i do aim to please

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