miss nellie if you’re nasty

i would never call stubby hubs hunk a nervous nellie….that is except right before i called him one.  he can get his panties in a bunch in a way i have seldom seen before.  i’m wondering now if he maybe he majored in conniption fits in college.  i’m willing to admit that most of the time he is almost keeping it together and it’s just me knowing him well enough to know that he is rocking in the fetal position on the inside.

in the car on the way home was a whole different ball of wax.  i’ve already spent some time talking about the dynamic of our relationship,  i may have missed that he falls apart in times of stress.  i could recant a million examples, but the most recent will suffice.  on the way home from our vacation, we realize we will need to stop again for gas.  garmin has taken us on a strange route… again…around a large city.  we are weighed down and have the AC pumping so gas is going fast.  i’m driving.  he keeps rocking back and forth in his seat.  looking out the window for gas stations and then looking at the gauge. huffing and puffing. asking if i have ever seen the gauge that low.  i’m trying to be cool and he is making it IMPOSSIBLE!  in an effort to calm him, i suggest that we search for gas stations on the garmin (because she has done so well by us thus far).  he agrees. garmin sends us to a 7 eleven 3 miles away…great, right?  um, yeah not so much, when we get there there is a 7 eleven without gas pumps.  i really thought his head was going to explode.  finally we get gas and, in an effort to calm him we stop for indian for lunch.

hmm, should have thought of that to get us out of the gas crisis.

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  1. Holly B

    Im the nervous nellie in our relationship. The dh always tells me “don’t worry about it, let me worry about it for you” – THEN he doesn’t worry about it. Which of course makes me worry. OY!

  2. Jill

    Funny, I think the gas gauge is the ONLY thing my husband worries about. If the blasted light is on when he happens to get in my car I immediately get bitched at. I know how exactly many routine trips I can make before I have to sacrifice 5 precious kid-communting minutes at the pump. I worry about EVERYTHING else, all on the inside of course.

  3. Laura

    Well, your hunka hunka would not want to drive with me…i am known for driving on “E”. I know approx how m any miles until there is no more. Tbb’s dad will not let the gas go below 1/4 tank, he could adopt that strategy. :)

  4. stubby

    Excuse me, but who WOULDN’T be stressing about running out of gas 3 hours from home in an unfamiliar city? Not a very flattering picture you paint of your devoted and loving husband. I wear boxer/briefs, not panties.

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