no bugs for the bug

i mentioned that i took the Goose to camp this week in letter to a daughter II.  we also took the Bug to camp this week.  that’s right people i am childless until friday.  and i’m not liking it so much.  i was having a poor me kinda day.  i’m PMSing which means that stubby hubs hunk is far less cute and funny than he was last week (see day 18).  i’m tired and i’m grumpy.  i got back into my pajamas ready to try a do over.

then the mail came.  i got a letter from my main man…the Bug.  one of the last things he said to me before he left with stubs for camp was ,”now mommy, when you get a letter with a wood grain envelope, you’re going to know it’s from me.”

well, that’s true (because i bought him the most “manly” stationary that they had at the store), but that wasn’t the only reason that i would know it was from him.  he has his father’s flair for penmanship.

when he was about five he said he wanted to be an entomologist.  when he realized that he would be studying bugs that were NOT dead that plan quickly changed.  a big thank you to mr williams for helping with the daddy long legger problem.  thanks to the Bug for giving me a smile today.

i miss you sooooooo much too.



6 responses to “no bugs for the bug”

  1. Holly B

    Aww.. he made mommy smile today. I’m glad you’ve heard from him. It’s so hard to let them go, if only for a few days.

  2. Annie

    You heard from him!!! Lucky! Did he say if his tent-mate is doing okay???

  3. Fiona

    WOW ~ I’m impressed! It wouldn’t dawn on my Bug to write a letter to me from camp … 😉

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