4 responses to “no minced words”

  1. JenBallz

    I’m just happy to have been mentioned…. lol. The cake does look good sliced! I just love that he wanted raspberry sauce. Next time you should drizzle the plate with the raspberry sauce – like in spirals or just random lines – I bet he’d love it.. Paying attention is my one shortfall also (one of many actually). I think I just hyper-focus on the baking part. It’s my Zen or something deep like that.

  2. buddy

    I want a slice. Just place it on a bone china plate, sitting on a sterling silver charger, inside a mahogany dove-tailed box, and overnight it by courier to my studio in Indiana. Oh, and all my flatware is dirty, so please include a monogrammed silver desert fork and linen napkin. Thanks, kisses!

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