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  1. vivienne blake

    I imagine you are writing about the catastrophe that was hurricane Katrina. Where indeed were the ‘do-gooders’ – I understand from a television programme I saw recently that the area is still pretty much un-reconstructed. As you say, Shame on you, Shame on us all.
    vivienne blake recently posted..Home thoughts from abroad

  2. Friko

    At long last I see a poem admitting what we couldn’t understand on this side of the world.
    Almost indifference in the face of such suffering.
    Friko recently posted..Aunt Little Kate

  3. Diane T

    I could not find your poem until I plugged masquerade into the search box. I think the idea of masks washing away as clever, clever, clever!

  4. Amanda

    I love how you tied this all in together Katrina and a mask ( the Mardi Gras ball) and in reference to When the Saints … this was so well put together I enjoyed it very much!

  5. annie

    Powerful. Five years have past and we still feel the shame upon our government for doing so little for our own. May we never forget and NEVER let it happen again.
    annie recently posted..Failure and Second Chances

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