not all geeks bite the heads off of chickens

so, when ever i’m working a room and stubs wants me to shut up, he tells people that i went to german camp.  yeah, you heard right, german camp.  not like the horrors of concentration camps, language camp.  you know how cool kids go to cheerleading camp or basketball camp?  this dork chose to go to language camp.  the saddest thing of all is i went by myself. this may have been taking things a bit far, but who would have gone with me?  i thought maybe i was going to be the only kid there as it was.  to my surprise, i am not the biggest geek in the state.  the schedule was pretty close to a day at school.  we got up and went to the cafeteria for breakfast, then went to class for a couple of hours, then broke for lunch for a couple of hours, then back to class, then dinner, then free time in the evening.  the goal was to speak german for the entire week.  since i wasn’t there with anyone and no one was knocking down my door to be my friend, this meant i spent most of the week by myself.  me walking around the campus thinking in german.  me in my room alone talking to myself in german.  me writing in my journal in german.  hmmm, kinda makes me sound like a major loser.  

no wonder i think my kids are so cool, 


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  1. Dushie

    Ich liebe dich. While you were at German camp, I was at sewing camp. Not sure which one of us is geekier.

  2. EH Shuba

    miene kleine leibe! i leibe dich auch! hmm let’s call this one a drawl. although, there is something very sad about going to a camp to learn how to communicate without someone to do it with….

  3. Robyn

    Oh, I’ve got you both licked. I went to debate camp. For a month. And, also, I do not remember being very well-liked. So, I was the dork of debate camp. Beat that!


  4. Margaret

    I TOTALLY would’ve done something this nerdy if I’d managed to really retain any German besides “Ich verstehe das nicht.”

  5. EH Shuba

    oh robyn you may be the winner. now if you debated auf deutsch, that would have put you ahead for sure.

  6. EH Shuba

    hilfe mich was a good one too. thanks maggie

  7. Sofia Vergara

    Well you seem to have taken heed to Shakespeare….

    as Polonius advised to Laertes in Hamlet “This above all: to thine own self be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

    You are certainly a Geek. I mean why one would admit to “German” camp? not sure – I would have simply lied and said I travelled Europe alone all summer – I picked up German from a Belgium lover I had taken while in Monreal. His name was Dieter and what I remember is what he kept saying over and over as we lie in bed sharing a cigarette before I snuck out of the room leaving him behind emotionally ravaged “Ohne Dich kann ich nicht atmen”……….. That would have been my German story every time Stubs wants to roll out German camp I would say – well that is what I needed to “tell” him and to the group that is now surrounding you you would say “but you I want to tell all you the truth” with a long sigh………

    I am guessing that you always rooted for the Geek in noir of Mr Hughes and probably thought Andie would actually end up with Duckie…….. Ciao Bambina

  8. EH Shuba

    hmm it’s a well know fact that germans do not make good lovers…belgians not so sure.

    as for andie and ducky…i wanted him for myself.

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