11 responses to “not bad for a half pint”

  1. Tricia Fackler

    You forgot one of my favorites! At 5’3″ as well, I’m often the envy of everyone on the plane when it lands and I can immediately stand up even under the overhead bins! Have to bend my head a little but my 6’2″ traveling companion is always jealous!

  2. dushie

    What I said specifically was that “your gams could stop a clock”. As a tall women of 5’5″, I would trade an inch or two for gams like yours. The fact that you could walk so easily in those 3 million inch heels on stage last night was also very impressive. Stay in bed sipping your half a pint of water like the superstar you are.

    Your performance last night was truly stellar and I am proud to be one of your adoring fans. xx

  3. jen

    soooo bummed i couldn’t make it to your grand debut last night… bet it was fantastic!

  4. Judes

    E, you were amazing, and the strut in heels a sight to behold , to me, you embodied womanhood, sexuality and earthiness. i know what I want to say damnit, hope you do. PS who’s a potty mouth now lady ?

    As an aside we Cornish use ” C U next Tuesday ( CUNT ) as an obliqie way of insulting someone.
    See you next tuesday my friend

  5. mom

    That big but short thing started when you were three!!! Loved las night. So did Dad and Brew. XXOO

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