not so anonymous

so, not only am i (or my scent, anyway) desired by 60 year old men around the world (or the one weird pot belled guy at the guy), they feel remorse at this admission. if this sentence is confusing to you, please find i’m a switch hitter and give it a whirl.  ok, so, i’m doing lunges around the track and the sniffer as i had been referring to him (to myself, in my head) finds me to tell me how badly he has been feeling all week about his comment. lucky for me i had my trainer (who refers to himself, in the third person as coach.  this is a whole other story. suffice it to say, for the first couple of months that i was training with him i kept saying ,”put me in coach”…..i’m pretty sure he didn’t get it, but i was amused), who was kind enough to tell the sniffer that i have thick skin.  thanks coach…..  so the sniffer handed me the olive branch….his name……RUSSELL (of course now i’m thinking in my head the sniffer’s real name is russell….the love mussel.   here’s the thing, i get what russell the love mussel was getting at.  he was trying to capture my girl smell off the bench.  i’m not shocked at this.   i’m just confused.  if you know me, this isn’t going to be a surprise to you, but i stink.  i sweat while brushing my teeth.  i don’t primp before i go to the gym.  i don’t wear deodorant.  i have never showered BEFORE going to the gym.  in short i’m a smelly hairy greek and why he would be desirerous of smelling me after i have been working out for a couple of hours baffles me.  i wasn’t offended. i was just thinking, dude if i’m what you’re after, i kinda feel sorry for you.  i mean with all of those ladies with their carfulely planned matching workout uniforms and fixed hair and lipstick…’s me you wanna smell?  it’s not unlike re-sniffing the past due milk in the fridge.  is there a support group for this i wonder?

yeah i know more deep thoughts……….


4 responses to “not so anonymous”

  1. Jill D

    Maybe he just got out of prison.

  2. EH Shuba

    thank goodness! i have finally figured out my demographic

  3. Anonymous

    60 year old smellers are kinda creepy. The name certainly doesn’t help his cause.
    I’m thinking that must have been a weird apology especially in front of coach.
    Does coach keep a clothes pin in his pocket?

  4. EH Shuba

    it was all pretty strange.  nope, he gets to revel in the brine that is my gym cologne twice a week…..lucky duck

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