obsessive multi- tasker

    so i seldom do just one thing at a time.  it’s not because i am so brilliant that i can accomplish so many things at once.  it is more likely that i have some debilitating brain ailment that precludes me from sitting still.  i sometimes say i have a.d.d., but i don’t really.  this brings us to my very favorite word.  i know it’s not particularly p.c. but i love the word f-tard.  it’s a combination of the f-bomb and retard.  yeah see, not all that sesative, but i usually use it to refer to myself.  although i have been known to use it under my breath in the direction of loved ones and strangers alike.  so back to multi-tasking…as i type this i am also playing a game of scrabble on my phone.  my family makes fun of me that if they hid my phone i might loose my mind because i usually have 6 games going at any one time.  in fact part of why i started blogging was beacuse they would refer to my phone tinkering as blogging.  might be the only time i went out of my way to prove my parents right.  the poor dears.  when i told my mother that i was starting a blog, she first said duh (so attractive of a 60 something year old women).  later she wondered how that would look for them because i am such a kook.  thanks again!  i assured her that my kookieness is genetics, so she was comfotably able to fault my father. phew all is now right with the world, a kooky daughter she can handle so long as dad is to blame.

     obsessive is one way to explain the way my brain works.  it’s sorta like my mind just gets stuck.  right now i’m convinced that i am raising drug addicts that will be stolen off the bus right before my eyes.  this may have something to do with the addition of discovery i.d. to our cable package.  i watched it all the time.  i had to cut could turkey because i realized it was filtering into my psyche, which doesn’t need any help dancing near the edge.  
so again it brings me to the blog, because i think here i can keep my self out of trouble…..we’ll see


6 responses to “obsessive multi- tasker”

  1. Bert

    Welcome to the blog-o-sphere, mamacita.

  2. EH Shuba

    thanks bert…i think i’m in love…obsessive love ofcourse

  3. Anonymous

    very interesting Beth

  4. EH Shuba

    thanks anonymous who ever you are

  5. Jodi

    Well, well Ms. E. I must confess that this is my first experience with blogging. So please forgive my leaning curve, if there is one. I say though that these “rants” do provide me with a certain insight into your personality that I have not had the pleasure of experiencing as yet. I look forward to future blogs.

  6. EH Shuba

    thanks lady!  hope you keep coming back.

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