off with the rose colored glasses

it happened!  a paradigm shift. i looked at the bug as he was suiting up to be catcher at his ball game.  for a split second i saw the man he would become.  his big puppy paws, my father’s hands, strapping on the pads.  for an instant i was going to offer help, but i quickly realized he didn’t need it.  it happened in a flash and then he was back to being my baby.  my goofy kid who honestly believed that he caught a pop fly because he was chewing gum and it allowed him more focus.  i had to explain to the goose that baseball players are a superstitious bunch.  sometimes you just have to let them believe…

it was a water shed day, because later that evening at home, i was asked to give the goose a tutorial (her words not mine), oh how to shave her legs.  it seems that her hairy legs, though the hair is light, cause her to be self conscious.  i’ve never known this kid to be self conscious in her life.  i suspect it was a culmination of that and the fact that most of her friends have started to shave theirs.  so a tutorial i gave.  it begs to be said that i had reservations.  not because she was too young, as you might think, but because she is a klutz.  i have visions of her some how managing to slice open her femoral artery in an attempt to get them buttery smooth.  alas, i kept my feelings to myself and tutored away.  so now she has these hairless legs…great!  the better to see all of the bruises and scars on her lovely long skinny legs.

so, yeah, i got this!  i can be a parent to a….teenager.  ok i do throw-up in my mouth a bit at the the mention of the word, but maybe by the time they are 13 i will have worked through that.

hmmmm, don’t hold your breath!



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  1. Sal Romano

    If I may – as a former athlete – (NO not field hocky!!) The gum does help, so does chewing tobacco. Its rhythmic – it allows for a cadence in the mind and an ability to zero in on the target. Sharp shooters and pilots have relied on gum since it was invented. Can I assume you did NOT play any sports? If you did – then maybe not at the level of the bug.

  2. Dushie

    I’ve seen Sal play sports and never, never remember seeing any chewing gum. Take that Sal you smarty pants football star.

  3. Real Dads Hangout

    I am trying to teach my 5yo daughter that hair is good. The thicker and hairy the better! As a father it just makes sense. Now as a man….I say all others should shave. I recommend Skintimate Shaving Gel….don’t ask…I just know it works well!

  4. Jen Ballz

    I had to laugh at your worry that your daughter is a klutz – Brittany decided NOT to ask me to teach her how to shave, because she’s always been at the ready with band-aids for me after I shower and shave! I’m the klutz in this family. You CAN be a parent to a teenager – yes, they have attitudes and smart mouths, but inside they’re still the same beautiful, funny, brilliant kid they’ve always been!

  5. joan

    It’s only the beginning baby. Hair grows in all kinds of places and they like to shave that too. With boys the big voice change is a strained period. You really catch glimpses of the man and the boy at the same time. You are a fine and wonderful mother.

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