open letter

dearest sir,  

it has been brought to my attention that you have a handful of concerns about this forum that i have created.  i would like to use this opportunity to allay you fears and concerns.  i know my blog is ugly and difficult to read, but because i am an f-tard, i am having to pay someone to make it glorious for me.  while i aspire to be as bright and computer savvy as our dushie, the reality is, if it’s too difficult i give up and pass the job on. see the rumpus room redo deux.

answering your concern that stubby hubs hunk may have hard feelings were he to find out that i am writing such scathing things about him…the short answer is he thinks i’m funny and can laugh at himself (one of the biggest reasons that i married him.).  when ever i laugh too heartily and him or give him the sides ways glance he says, yeah i know, that’s going in the blog, everything goes in the blog.  our dance looks like i lead, but when he puts his foot down i acquiesce…almost always.  i’m a lot like the english language.  just when you think you have all of the rules straight…you realize that “he and i’s” as in come to stubby and i’s house, isn’t proper grammar.  what i mean to say is, i like to be in charge, but i could never have married a door mat….stubs is a perfect mix. 

in eternal admiration yours,

ps will you be my agent too? 

pss i love that you can bandy about historical warfare as it pertains to spooning….but nope not gonna


3 responses to “open letter”

  1. Dushie

    I can’t wait to hear the response from RockSea. P.S. The Agent, as he will be know from hence forth, pretty much told me my blog looks sucky too. At least he doesn’t think of you as a mommy blogger.

  2. EH Shuba

    ah, dear rocksea! what a clever one.  yes at the very least

  3. Roxanne

    A boy!!! I mean come on. I am woman HEAR ME roar a bust size too big to ignore!! Estrogen flows through this vessel…no testosterone allowed on boy – as Sojourner Truth peroclaimed “ain’t I a woman”…

    Agent? me not the kind you think – I am only one “agent” and its more like something unstable off the Periodic Table I have an Atomic Weight and no splitting my atoms or anything else. I am a catalyst for change and I wish you change a few minor items – I really wish you would clean up this mess…. the green and the white lower case letters hurt my eyes…… your page its a mess and Its cluttered and strewn – reminds me of a Theodore Geissler story.

    I also think you may wish to consider this “stub hubs hunk” name for Mr Monkey Wrench its far too cumbersone to roll off ones tongue. The words conjure up the image of an unshaven computer geek… Why not simply call him the Shadow – like the crime fighter from the 40’s – in that I see this presence off in your shadows – someone that perhaps has your back.

    Bug – that man is no bug at all – why how impressive at 9 coming down with his tie knotted and his brain fully functional challening every thought idea and obsticle placed in his path. I imagine him as Mr. Bond – James Bond that is.

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