open letter

dear agent of change (roxanne),

i know i know it’s awful the green and the white.  the saddest thing is i spent hours crafts the ugliness that you see before you.  before i changed to a white it was black. do you think that would be better until my magician makes it fabulous?  for you, oh gorgeous one, i would do that.  in fact, i would change it to any color you choose.   you only need ask. as far as the lower case types goes, it’s an homage to e.e. cummings and that i will not relinquish.
my shadow got his name because he didn’t like me calling him the hubs (here’s the story if you are interested the hubs no more. ) see, in my world you have to be careful what you wish for, because if it’s gonna make me laugh, your gonna get it.  that said, i do agree it is cumbersome.  you poor dear having to read that long name and my poor fingers having to type it.  i will bring your suggestion to my team (stubby hubs hunk, the goose, and the bug).  it’s a lovely sentiment and spot on.  he does have my back, even if i don’t spoon. 
my bug is the most impressive 9 year old i know.  he started as my love bug.  for the longest time he wanted to be an entomologist (until his fear of bugs made that seem an unrealistic goal) so we dropped the love (only in the name of course).  i will let him know that you approve of his picture day attire, though i must admit he did need a little help tying the tie (nobody needs to cry from frustration in the morning) and his ability to stump us all.  that will please him to know end.
gosh i think you’re great! i hope to make a habit of this exchange,
lovingly yours,
the only monkey wrench you’ll ever need


4 responses to “open letter”

  1. Dushie

    Oy Vey, Roxie and Dushie…..I think I smell a lovefest.

  2. EH Shuba

    i love foxy roxie! i do i can’t help it.

  3. gregj

    is it really a homage [or should that be an homage] to e.e.cummings or are you just lazy like me because my shift does not always work and i get tired redoing in.
    no, please not black on green, ugh. this i may get used to, if you’re worth it. just kidding, you are. anyone who yells doosh in public has to be red, i mean read.

  4. EH Shuba

    hmm let’s see. a homage i think.  ok yeah i’m lazy.  shhh it’ll be our little secret. phooey! i changed it to black.  it may take a day to change. let me know what you think.  i will change it back if it’s not better.  and i do love it when smart girls like you keep coming back so reed  (read) me away!

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