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  1. Maureen

    I never met Kate, although I’d heard her story from mutual friends…then when I realized that this lady whose death had been mentioned on facebook was the same person, I found myself crying for this total stranger. The last I’d heard, this woman who’d been on such a tough journey had been declared cancer-free and in my mind the story had been left with a happy ending. To know that she died at 39, the mother of such young children…I can’t imagine how cheated she must have felt.

    My most fervent hope upon the birth of my children, as the morbid type that I am, was that I’d still be around until they were old enough to remember me…my heart goes out to this brave friend of yours, and to her children.

  2. tina Futty

    hi e…i’ve heard her story several times, through many avenues of people…i didn’t know her, but know a little bit about her, and what i’ve heard has been kind and warm. your story struck a chord with me, being a mother…i feel, honestly, terribly sad and terribly angry for her, she was robbed of a life with her children. i can’t imagine saying goodbye to my child…for her children, i wish them peace.
    you were brave to write this piece, it must have been a hard thing to do, i found myself crying while reading this, you have a big heart and a beautiful soul.

    xx tina

  3. angela Post Speitel

    Oh friend this is so well written and describes her to a T! She was an amazing mother and a friend to many! I can’t help being mad that God has taken her from those precious boys that she loved so dearly. It is so not fair! oxoxoxoxoxoxo’s I am thankful for you and our friendship! Love you mama!

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