paris is waiting

so, there are two kinds of people in the world, single purchasers and hoarders.  now i’m not saying that you need to look for me on a&e, but i’m a hoarder.  i ALWAYS get two bottles of ketchup.  i don’t think i have ever bought a four pack of toilet paper.   i always get the mondo armageddon 80 pack…cause you will always need to wipe.  the way i shop, you would think i was born during the depression.  i’m not sure what drives me.  i do realize that my thought process sounds like this, “if one is good two is better.”  this could be my motto.  i always think i can do more, go faster, sleep less (that’s a lie. i have never, since weaning children denied myself sleep on purpose.  that’s not good for anyone in this house or who might come in contact with a sleep deprived me.)  i hoard experiences too.  recently i was presented with an opportunity to visit my buddy (that’s little brother) in paris next month.  i know may/june is no time for me to go away…..but it’s PARIS for cripe sake.  the punch line….i married a single purchaser…wha wha whaaaaa!  stubby hubs hunk will bring back 3 apples for a family of four.  i think his motto is, you can’t eat apples when you’re dead.  he’s good.  he grounds me (like a parent or a poop on a party that hasn’t even gotten off the ground yet.) sometimes when i don’t even know i need it.  or better yet when i don’t want to need it.  

i mean paris for ever loving god…sigh.

my name is e and i’m a hoarder….and i’m cool with that…but i’m getting to paris soon…that’s my line in the sand.  funny thing about single purchasers is that they are blind to lines in the sand.  maybe i’ll just by the itampon (pad) and call it even.

4 responses to “paris is waiting”

  1. Genevieve

    You will be the best porter I ever had.

  2. EH Shuba

    genevieve at your service

  3. Lauren

    I fucking love your blog.

  4. EH Shuba

    well!  that’s…i…um(hearing mother’s voice in head) thank you so much.

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