push the button

i am a button pusher.  it’s not really all that different from stirring the pot.  you find out something about some one and you keep pushing the button until you get bored or the other person shrieks “uncle”.  i know it sounds pretty immature, but, well, yeah i got nothing.  i’m immature.   oops!

the house we have rented has a pool.  there are two doors out to the pool that have alarms on them.  if you push the button before you go out or in either of these doors, the alarm does not sound.  if you can’t reach, have full hands, have a cocktail induced mental block, or the door doesn’t close all the way, a deafening alarm sounds.  there is no way to turn the alarm off from the second or third floor and you can’t hear the alarm from outside, especially if the music is on.  so we have adopted this inventive way to signal to those closest to turn off the alarm.  it goes like this….”PUSH THE BUTTON!!!!!!”  if you are feeling super helpful one can even open a door to the outside to yell down to those within reach of said button.  mostly, it’s just a house full of people yelling at the top of their lungs to “PUSH THE BUTTON”.  some unexpected side effects are that before opening the refrigerator, bathroom room door, flushing toilet, you look for the button to push.  we find ourselves wondering how long it will be before this phenomenon wears off.

in an effort to commemorate this weekend, our business is having t-shirts printed that say “PUSH THE BUTTON!!!!”  if you’d like to be part of the joke, feel free to order them here.  i like the ring (get it.  see what i did there, referencing the sounding or alarms…..sigh) of it better that jesus is my homeboy or i’m with stupid.

i’m thinking ot could be the next big thing.

monkey needs to pay for her iphone 4 so order now.



4 responses to “push the button”

  1. Holly B

    You could have t shirts made for the gals with the buttons on the boobs and for the guys- buttons on the swim trunk bump!

  2. Laura

    Kind of like Lost, but maybe less intense. The house won’t explode…good thing.

  3. Kim

    Been to the OBX, and I know all about the button! I’ll buy a t-shirt.

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