rainbows-not just for skittles anymore

     so, we have all heard the old adage, you can’t make everybody happy all of the time.  i’m sure i’m not alone in realizing that there are people out there that can’t be made happy any of the time.  these folks are constantly looking for a fight.  there was a time in my life that i would give them just what they were looking for.  now i realize that that is just a black hole that will suck you dry.  

    here’s the thing, i think once you become a parent you lose the option to play the victim.  it becomes your responsiblilty to teach your children from the lessons (no matter how hard) that you have learned.  what is not an option, is to teach them that the world owes them for what ever they are lacking.  good comes to those who earn it, not those who sit back and demand it.  

    this all comes from a recent experience with another parent.  she was ranting that her child was being treated differently because of where her ancasters come from.  it seems that her child had worked harder than the rest of ours and deserved, because of this, to be set on a pedestal above the rest of humanity.  um, yeah……  

    that got  me thinking about how my kids perceive people.  i have always encouraged my kids to celebrate how they are different from other people. to that same end, i have never used the term “color blind”.  i think we should celebrate color.  learn about other cultures.  i like recognizing the way that we are different.  sometimes it even helps us see the way we are the same.  i have never pretended to know someone’s life because of the color of their skin.  

i would hope that i am afforded the same respect….especially since i am a rainbow. 



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