red robin mmmmm

so, every once in  while (day 18 ) i get a hankering for something specific to eat.  last night it was red robin.  they have this pot roast sandwich that i might negotiate the loss of a limb for.  we don’t have one here, but the goose had a game 45 minutes away and there is one there.  i know stubs won’t be easily swayed.  with him you have to plant the seed early and cultivate the idea all day long.  some may refer to this as nagging, we’ll just have to agree to disagree.  

the hubs has an unfounded phobia of being held to the whims of a restaurant staff.  every single time we pull into the parking lot of a restaurant he says, boy there sure are a lot of cars here.  this, in stubese, translates to we are going to be here for the rest of our lives.  

so, he sent me the hours via email for pay roll.  i responded with a saccharin response. something about how handsome he is and what a great lover…you know pouring it on real thick.  inside the response was a subliminal red robin.  i’m good people, i’ve been perfecting this attack for many years.  i wait for a response…nothing…son of a bitch! he’s playing the, we aren’t going because i didn’t see your request game (closely related to the, i don’t have to clean up the cat puke if no one witnessed me walking right passed it ploy).  this necessitates another email and a phone call.  nothing doing.  he will not be swayed.  we get up to the game and while i love veggie subs from subway, this itch needs to be scratched.  i’m practically in hives because the goose’s team are the red robins.  i kid you not.  i’m not sure if you have been to a girls softball game in a while but they sing these chants all game long.  it’s red robin this and red robin that.  i’m nearly apoplectic with yearning.  all is not lost.  in addition to the afore mentioned sandwich, they also have brownie sundays.  these mothers are as big as your head.  i look at stubs, sweetly, eyelash batting and everything, hey we could get dessert at red robin (envision pearly white smile, head cocked to right, puppy dog brown eyes).  i can’t say i blame him.  i’m annoying myself at this point, but it’s day 18 and i have needs.  he blows.  “we’re not going to red robin!  i’m not sitting in a restaurant! we’re going to be getting home after 9 as it is!”  bottom lip resting on chin, i go back to watching the game.  all the while hatching a plan.  i’m driving.  he’s not the boss of me.  i’ll just commandeer the family to red robin.  he can’t stop me.  one small flaw in the plan, i have NO sense of direction.  we end up driving around for fifteen minutes, me looking for red robin.  only to end up heading back home sans brownie sunday.  a little voice from the back says, “mommy, bruster’s (in our hood) has brownie sundays.”  yes, yes they do.  we go through the drive-thru. everyone gets something except stubs, he has a point to prove.  we get home.  i have two bites of the brownie sunday and am full….

because that’s the kind of asshole i am, 


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  1. dushie

    We need to work on your navigational skills. You should have ordered carry out from Red Robin and prepayed. I don’t think the stubs would let you drive on past with out picking up your order.

  2. Stanley Livingston

    now if you were really an asshole like me….. well I would have pulled up to anyone and continued to ask directions – just for sport.

    And if you ran into an asshole like me – when someone flagged me for directions – they were looking for Rt 25 – They were on JRt 25!! so I became annoyed as I got flagged down – I was hoping to do CPR or even the Heimlick (ssp) some great did that would get me oon TV or in the papers – something to get at the top of the line if there is a ST Peter but nooo just some rubes out on a Sunday drive and guess what I did – told them to take their first right – and keep going about 5 miles……. now I know what you may be thinking – but it wqs fun.

  3. Annie

    We are so making a run to Red Robin in Hershey…must have California Chicken Burger.

  4. EH Shuba

    you should be my life coach

  5. EH Shuba

    oh stanley, i should be taking monkey-wrench lessons from you

  6. EH Shuba

    oh annie, i am so in need, can i come along?

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