remember that trip your aunt sally took?

     so, i have a confession to make……i’m a voyeur.  i don’t make this admission lightly.  in fact, i didn’t even come to this realization alone.  i got outed by my kids.  more on that in a minute.  i am not much of a rubber necker.  although i will file it away if they have a sheet hanging near a accident scene, cause that’s super bad news.  i learned that from all of my hours watching discovery id and those crime drama shows i love so much ( whoop! just the thought of them made my skin prickly and my top lip a bit sweaty.  i mean it’s sunday, that means a marathon of snapped on oxygen.  yeah i really am that lame.  it’s a beautiful day today so i won’t be blobbing in front of it for the duration.  it’s why the dvr was invented, for cripe sake.)  i think my attraction to these types of shows has something to do with feeling like you are peeking into other people’s lives.  i look at it this way, these shows were the gateway drug and social networking is my heroine.  never was this more apparent than yesterday when my boy came up behind me as i was online and asked, “you lookin’ at pictures of people you don’t know again?”  what? no……um yeah ok…caught me.  what’s that about?  i don’t really have any interest in the vacation pictures of the friend of a friend of a friend, but there i sit, hitting next repeatedly.  what am i expecting to see?  what’s the motivation? am i hoping for a nudie? a picture of someone i do know? if i were catholic, maybe snooping would be something i could have given up for lent.  but, i’m not.  so… next next.  

please schedule an intervention,


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  1. Jen Ballinger

    I know exactly how you feel! Last night I was clicking here and there on peoples Twitter profiles – people they are following, people that are following them. I got to this one link from some one I don’t know and wondered how the heck I got there. I tried back tracking to figure it out, but never did end up getting to the original source – because I got distracted by different things as I back tracked. You can learn a lot about a person by things they post online.

  2. EH Shuba

    oh yes…and get lost in time and space.  i looked up at the time last night and realized i had been looking at strangers for 2 hours

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