rock me amadeus…or not

     so, i’m allowed to tell this story because i have been a stage manager in live theater.  i will even go as far as to include myself when i say that we are a kookie bunch.  most would make perfect cartoons.  most have napoleon complex, whether they are little or not.  although that said, as i look back over all of the stage managers that i have worked with, most of them have been on the slighter side.  i too am not the tallest of people.  i have mentioned that the girl is in a show, that we are all in a show.  well, this week is tech week.  for those of you who haven’t worked in theater before, this is the week where you live in the theater.  you spend a lot of time with your stage manager.  it’s always helpful to make the long hours seem short by having this “character” to look at and.  

    ours name is amadeus.  amadeus looks more like an bruce.  lets start from the bottom and work our way up.  he wears the requisite steel towed boots.  tight…i mean t.i.g.h.t black jeans. today he had a black t-shirt on with his name stenciled across the front and crew on the back. ah, now let’s move to the piece de resistance……he has a one and a half inch silver ankh earring dangling from his left ear ( so that EVERYONE knows he’s not gay. men in theater that are not gay and not knock down gorgeous, usually like to advertise in some way to the public at large.  you know, in case you weren’t sure.  um….news flash bruce, i’m pretty sure no one takes you for gay.  they would revoke your gay card if you ever went anywhere with that earring….just saying).  

sorry bruce.  it’s really just an observation.  

the world according to e.

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