rumpus room redo

     so i don’t know what it is about spring, but i am filled with the urge to spend money. daddy warbucks he ain’t but what else can i do to occupy my time.  my dad says i like to stimulate the economy.  i never really thought about that because i was too fixed on the fact that he said stimulate and trying not to giggle.  

    when you’re a kept woman you have to be inventive about how to entertain yourself.  this spring it’s redoing the rumpus room.  when we first moved in the basement, named the rumpus room had some mad color going on.  starting with the steps down and wall to wall it was black and red tartan carpet squares.  this, coupled with the painted faux wood siding was a whole lot to take in.  i quickly realized that these squares came up off the concrete basement floor when you vacuumed.  every so often i would pulled them up and toss them.  now the basement floor is an amalgum of the remaining squares and area rugs, a piece of left over laminate, and cat beds.  the kids are getting older and spend more time down there, so i thought, this coupled with my need to spend, that it would be a great time to re-carpet the basement.  well, i have been eyeing up this company called FLOR.  it’s recycled materials, it good for heavy traffic, it’s supposed to be easy to install.  i tell the hubs what i’m thinking and he says yeah go for it.  he gets home that night and i say i ordered the carpet. 

hubs: oh that stuff that’s squares that you stick together? 

e: yep. 

hubs: did you measure the basement? 

e: well no remember you told me 400 square feet? 

hubs: that was a guess. 

e: huh, funny cause i thought that’s what you were telling me to order 

hubs: and you are pulling up squares right?


hubs: to replace it with squares 


can say sabotage?! 

wait til he find out he’s the one doing the installation…justice will be mine,


4 responses to “rumpus room redo”

  1. hubs

    You mean you plan a household improvement project and I’m the one that does the work? Geez, that NEVER happens (note-sarcasm)


  2. EH Shuba

    the hubs speaks

  3. abby

    Talk about being caught red-handed! Ouch (hee, hee).

    To support your defense, our neighbors installed the product in their basement about 2 years ago and love it. If something unsightly (gasp) should appear, you just rip up the soiled square and replace.

    Just make sure hubs, I mean you, have plenty of sharp blades for your utility knife. Or is that such a wise idea?

  4. EH Shuba

    thanks a. can’t wait to see how it all pans out . i’m just going to get a cat and nine tails and loom over him as he kneels and puts the bleeping thing together.

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