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     so, this morning i get this call from my mother, who is vacationing in florida, to thank me for the kindle that i gave her for christmas, that she has just used for the first time.  i know that’s a run on sentence but my mother will not be bound by the proprieties of sentence structure.  i have to say that she isn’t a fan of new things, so reading on a kindle was daunting.  never mind that my father had loaded books on for her and all she had to do was push a button.  i’m her daughter, i know she can push buttons.  she has a knack for pushing just the right ones all the time.  i usually don’t notice until i get home and replay the tape in my head. but she’s good, a professional even. i am lucky to have two brothers and a sister and she drives them crazy.  see my mom is notorious for these phone calls.  she would call me in college to tell me who was sick, dead, engaged, and had a baby.  i inherited my memory from her, so i am under the impression that she was operating off a list.  the thing is she has these three other kids and she can never remember who she told what to.  so she repeats herself….a lot.  drives my brothers crazy.  my sister and i just nod.  if i’m feeling unkind (in know, shocking right?  not me!) i’ll sometimes fill in bits of the story for her.  she doesn’t seem to notice.  it’s how i entertain myself while hearing a story i have already heard (maybe more than twice).  example: oh it that when so and so did such and such.  she usually just barrels right along.  my favorite calls are the ones where she gives the fluff for the first couple of minutes and then gets to the crux of the call. i know she called for that express purpose.  she’s not fooling anyone makes me giggle every time. like she is super sneaky.  um, she’s all.  the thing is, i know i can call my mom about anything.  i can dump about the crappy day i’m having or my sucky life (not that sucky, just feels that way sometimes).  i can call for advice.  i can call for no reason.  i’m lucky because i can call.  

    my mom lost her mother to cancer when she was my age.  i think about that all the time.  her mother has been gone for twenty five years and she still thinks about calling her when things happen in her life.  i have often jokingly asked when is it that we start to do the things to our kids that our mothers do to us that make us crazy.  like getting the call from her when you are trying to get the kids out the door for school.  or telling us that we need a hair cut.  or that they are going to take us out to get grown-up clothes when we are 30.  on one hand i think as a mother you earn the right to drive your kids crazy.  goodness knows, many a bottle of wine have been uncorked in my children’s honor.  on the other hand, i am so very grateful that when i get the urge to call my mother because something happened in my day that demands to be shared, that she will be there to answer.  

i am blessed and my heart breaks for those who are not equally so.  



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  1. jen

    Aw… hope your mom follows the blog (after she’s done with the kindle, obvs.)

  2. EH Shuba

    baby steps jen baby steps.  she says she reads them if i send them to her

  3. Judy

    That was so nice, I hope your mum reads it

  4. EH Shuba

    thanks judes…probably not

  5. Jill D

    My mom made the same phone calls to me in college!

  6. EH Shuba

    i called her the town cryer …..

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