4 responses to “She’s no private dancer…but I might be”

  1. JEM

    Love it Beth,….love the memories. I remember being so incredibly insecure. Don’t think I truly found my security until my 30’s. That confidence that “I am alright” and likable …had horrible self esteem even though all outward signs of friends and boyfriends, later a great career etc would suggest otherwise. I seemingly had it all, …and DID, but my internal voice told me otherwise. Friggin weird. WHERE does that come from?

    Looking back, ..moving from one side of Lancaster to the other and then later moving from PA to MA shook me more than ever. I made the best of it all,…but looking back and understanding it,…that first move effected me for my entire life. …..and how did I ramble about this from your post about Goose?…..well, this is why I enjoy your blog.
    Sending love sweet friend. I have many a happy memory of spending time with you.

    Love, love

  2. JEM

    Well,…I definitely like to think I’ve always actually had it together,…but guess what I was really trying to say is this,…if I could whisper into that young girl’s ear,..(my own middle school ear), I would tell her to have more confidence. Would tell her that she really WAS pretty, really WAS smart. I would tell her to just GO for everything she wanted,..I would tell her she possessed the strength, and character and pizazz to rule a kingdom. I would tell her to be humble, yes, but CONFIDENT! It was the confidence I lacked. And there is a good question… did everyone lack confidence? Even the ones I thought had it? …hmm?

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