sippies and hot tubs

it is with a heavy heart, that i share a loss with you.  while on vacation, i lost a dear friend.  a friend that had seen me through some great times in my life.

i had been sharing the day with my special friend.  all was going well.  we got into the hot tub together and i rested “old faithful” on the edge of the hot tub so as to not boil the libation that lived within.  i went to reach for her and knocked her off the side to the cement below where her layers were split apart.  i howled in a heartsick wail.  i can only share the loss today because the cloud has lifted.

today i walked into my local independent coffee shop  starbucks and there waiting for me was a cup that seemed to be sent from the gods for me alone.  it’s made of a rubbery substance that will certainly withstand a bounce or two should i get careless again.  it’s got a straw AND it’s spill proof.  it is essentially a big girl sippy cup.  i am over the moon.

i asked the bug what he thought of that fact that i get excited over such silly things and he said “it’s not silly you really like cups.  just like i really like legos.”

i asked the goose the same question.  she said,”stop acting like a five year old”…again.

i asked stubs and he responded with a thinly veiled. “yeah nice.”  i will ask him again when he wants something from me and see what the answer is then….HA!

picture a)old faithful

picture b) sleek slender big girl sippy

10 responses to “sippies and hot tubs”

  1. Ellen Finger

    I can’t say that I understand the cup thing, but my husband is a cup person, too. In fact, his favorite part of me giving birth to Teddy was acquiring the giant 64-ounce cup/jug with handle, lid, and straw that they wanted me to drink throughout my stay. Oh, he kinda liked Teddy, too. :)

  2. jen

    Was that a Virginia Tech sippy??

  3. Dushie

    I hope you two will be very happy together. ♥

  4. JenBallz

    Aww… I’m so happy for you! Those kind of losses are tough. I had to laugh at Ellen’ response because my dear hubby claims the big water cup/jug from everyone in our family who is EVER hospitalized. I swear, when Brittany had to get stitches and we just took her to the ER, he was like “Where’s her big cup?” The nurse said she didn’t need that much in fluids. He looked completely dejected.

  5. Shawn

    Yup, I’m totally on board with the hospital cups. The (lone?) benefit of Becky’s MS has been our wonderful collection of spill/drop/kick-proof giant sippy cups!

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