so this is it

so, a dear friend and i were talking about expanding face book posts into a blog.  she made the jump first and i followed shortly there after.

i have been writing my whole life and never dreamed that people would find my ramblings either witty or amusing.  as it turns out i might be funny.  my friend, we’ll call her dushie, asked what i wanted the content of my blog to be.  after thinking about it for a moment i thought, it will be a bit like the seinfeld show, a blog about nothing.
um ok yeah…welcome and hope you keep coming back.

5 responses to “so this is it”

  1. Dushie

    Fabulous first entry my partner in crime! You will no doubt hypnotize the public with your charm and wit. You are the cutest monkey wrench I know. xo

  2. Jude

    Oh my God, my twilight years have entered a new phase, I am to be entertained by Dushie and E. My cup runneth over thanks girls
    PS I want a blog but you are to smart for me to compete with

  3. Jude

    Oh Joy, two funny blogs to entertain me in my twilight years, I am inspired but competition to high, thanks E and Dushie

  4. Dushie aka Catherine

    Jude – I am sure I can say for both e and me that we are thrilled to have you read our babbling commentary and really glad you enjoy it.

  5. EH Shuba

    oh my lovely british friend, it is my honor. 

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