somebody needs to read this

so,some of you new readers my have missed letter to a daughter.

maybe take a minute to read it, please.  i try to live my life in that manner.  it’s not that i think i’m some hot ticket that has it all figured out….but if i’ve been through something i feel it’s my responsibility so be available to help other woman.  i foolishly assume that all woman feel similarly.  i am always gobsmacked to find i’ve been duped…again.  

i would hope that a woman with a wealth of experience would come to me if she though that my work was less than stellar.  i would hope that she would take the roll of mentor.  that she would help to open my eyes to something that i am clearly blind to.  i’m wrong….again.  what’s to be won by going to someone else?  how does anyone gain if nothing is learned?  there is no valiance in climbing up on the backs of other woman to getter a better view of life.   

the greater question is, how do i maintain even keel when i need to work with her?  she was someone i respected.  it is my way to face a problem head on.  i have learned that not all people feel similarly…so i guess i stamp it down.  i feel badly for the bully that she has been revealed to be.  i feel broken hearted for having been so dumb as to believe that a woman like her could see past the external to respect the woman in me.  




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  1. LisaB

    Her loss. You are a fabulous woman. I admire you direct attitude! Follow your heart. Be who you are. Don’t change. AND DO NOT LET HER BULLY YOU! I got your back. Hugs, Pootie

  2. dushie

    Her loss and shame on her.
    When people choose not to look beyond what their nose tells them, they miss out on some of the most beautiful things in life. Sorry you have been let down by a sister but know that there will be another sister right behind to pick you up.

  3. EH Shuba

    good to know you are part of the dushie posse.  thanks

  4. EH Shuba

    thanks doll. i feel better having gotten it down on “paper”.

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